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Dear Community: Leu is growing fast and now we need your help. We want more and more people to have access to the community income. Since only a limited number of new users can join and you certainly know people you would like to invite to Leu, there is now the possibility to mark other users as trustworthy. This allows them to participate directly in the project.

To ensure that the community does not suddenly lose its personality and the trust that goes with it, only half as many new participants as existing participants can take part in the meetings. In this way, we can not only ensure the authenticity of the people, but also that there are no fake user profiles that exploit the project.

First of all, we should clarify a few terms. The Leu community knows 3 states of members:


At the beginning of the project, 10 people were identified to be the bootstrappers who launched the leu. The bootstrappers can participate in a meeting at any time.


Leu:innen who have a reputation of 0. For example, because they are new or have lost their reputation (no participation, not logged out, or the last participation was longer than 5 cycles ago).


Leu:innen with Reputation > 1. Reputation has arisen because they have participated in one of the last meetings.

Reputation & Endorsement

In addition, there are two other forms of activities in the Leu cosmos:


This shows how trustworthy you are to the system as a user, your reputation so to speak. With each participation in a meeting, your reputation increases by 1 level. The reputation currently has a lifetime of 5 meetings. This means that the maximum reputation is 5. However, you can also return to level 0 if you have missed 5 meetings in a row. Your status is then “Newbie” again. You will also lose your reputation if you register for meetings and then do not attend. If something comes up, you can now log out again in the app.



An endorsement is when Leu participants with the status “Reputable” give new users a leap of faith. Loosely translated, it means that new participants are endorsed. “Reputables” can give two other people with the status “Newbie” a vote of confidence per meeting. You receive these two “tickets” every 10 days.



Now you can give away two “endorsement tickets” for each meeting, up to 48 hours beforehand, and thus give people you know a leap of faith. This ensures their participation in the next meeting.

How exactly this works, you can see in this Video. If you have any questions, you can always contact us on our social media channels or at