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Berg und Tal

In our two stores in Zurich we carry honest, artisan food from small producers, mainly from the Swiss regions. We are committed to the Slow Food philosophy and to a sustainable food supply. We know our producers and their stories and communicate these to our customers. In this way, we create a bridge of trust between producers and an interested, discerning clientele. Our products taste good and are naturally produced, preferably without artificial flavors and additives.

We accept leu up to 50 percent off everything in our store at the Viaduct!

Berg und Tal Marktladen AG
Limmatstrasse 231
8005 Zürich


Easymatur is the private school that offers the English Matura in Zurich. With us you may go to study in Switzerland and abroad, it’s affordable and faster than through the official Swiss education channels! We accept Leu for all our services. You can find us at Josefstrasse 92, 8005 Zurich. All information is available at:

Eidberg Bienenhonig

In the idyllic Eidberg my bees live at 620 m. above sea level in a beehive which is located in the middle of intact nature. The location is characterized by mixed forest and natural meadows, which provides balanced food for my bees. I keep the bees according to organic and partly to Demeter guidelines. Since I only house a maximum of 7 colonies, the cost of certification would be much too high. You are welcome to visit my bees personally by appointment and get an impression on site. Eidberg Bienenhonig stands for love for the superorganism bee and for 100% natural quality honey. The sale takes place in my spare time and the honey is available as long as stock lasts.


Paper goods, zines, books, drawings from Zurich and elsewhere, much self-published and in small editions… Since 1998 Ingo Giezendanner, aka GRRRR, has been documenting the urban spaces in which he travels and lives. In addition to his hometown of Zurich, his travels have taken him to a wide variety of cities, from Santo Domingo and Tehran to New York, Karachi, Nairobi, Moscow and Tokyo. Wherever he travels, he captures his surroundings on location with pen on paper. His drawings have been featured in numerous magazines, books, and animated films, as well as in expansive installations and murals.

Hardi – Café by day, culture in the evening

Hardi welcomes its guests in the Hardquartier in a heartily uncomplicated way. The café was born out of the shared love for tasty and seasonal food of the two founders Alex and Simone. The Hardi menu offers fresh dishes and pastries for breakfast, lunch and brunch – handmade by Alex from local ingredients, of course. While the kitchen of the restaurant is a hive of activity, the dining room and the terrace form a green oasis that invite you to relax. In the evenings, the stage offers space for cultural events in the neighborhood – see you at Hardi.

We accept leu for hot drinks & house lemonades.


Kafi Hardi
Hohlstrasse 355
8004 Zurich


In our pop-up store Kineo you will find sustainable activewear, lifestyle clothes, shoes and accessories. All brands are committed to a local, fair and above all socially responsible fashion industry where sustainability comes first. With our store we want to support smaller companies in the slow fashion industry and get their message out there!



Kineo Circular
Seefeldstrasse 83
8008 Zurich

The interdisciplinary artist Pfoffie offers unique creations in their online shop. There is a large and constantly growing selection of originals, mostly paintings created using various techniques and materials. Sustainability plays an important role in their work, as demonstrated by the use of materials commonly considered as waste as a base for the artworks.

Roger Greipl

Roger Greipl is a musician on the road with Jolly and the Flytrap (globalista), The Sheiks (swing), Man Fatal (cumbia), Klischée (electroswing) and the Soulmaniacs (soul & funk).
He teaches at the music school Hug as well as privately. Roger’s Leu offerings include:

  • Saxophone and clarinet lessons at Heinrichstrasse in Disctrict 5.
  • Recording media (CDs, LPs) from the bands:
    • Die Aeronauten
    • Jolly and the Flytrap
    • The Sheiks
    • King Kora



Sphères is a bar and bookstore with a stage for cultural events and an event room for rent. The ambience is deliberately chosen and informal – the atmosphere lively and considerate. Whenever possible, we buy from local businesses or those we want to support. We focus on quality, are detail-oriented and like to tinker with new ideas. Sphères accepts Leu for all their drinks.


Hardturmstrasse 66
8005 Zurich


Artist Søren Berner (b. 1977 in Denmark) started incorporating bread in his work in 1999 while living in Holland. The bread is inspired by the Danish “rugbrød” (Dänisches Roggenbrot) a full-grain rye bread made with sourdough. Historically, rye bread was widely baked in the Swiss valleys where the grain was commonly grown. Sørenbrød uses organic ingredients and local production facilities in Zürich.

Sørenbrød is delivered by bike to select organic shops and fine food markets in Zürich every Tuesday . In addition, you can buy (with Leu) directly at the weekly market at Bürkliplatz on Tuesdays from 7am – 11am or just order it online – see contact info beneath – until sunday 4pm. One bread per customer.


Praxis Brenzikofer

We are human beings and gather experiences in being human throughout our lives. Crises are part of our life’s journey. Sometimes things get mixed up, relationships don’t work out, we don’t feel ourselves anymore, we suffer from fears, depressed moods, inner emptiness, feelings of meaninglessness, suicidal thoughts, sleep disorders, recurring memories of traumatic experiences or pains in the body. Crises manifest themselves in very different ways. What all crises have in common is that they want to be understood. As a federally recognized psychotherapist, I offer individual psychotherapy and coaching (psychological counseling) for adults as part of my practice.

Leu accepted as of now, for everything, 100% or partial payment.

Gartenstr. 36,
8002 Zürich

Casa del Gato 

The cat café Casa del Gato is now accepting leu for espresso, coffee and cookies. Located at Kehlhofstrasse 4 near the Schmiede Wiedikon, Casa del Gato is a small, simple neighborhood café and also home to five cats. Take a look!

Kehlhofstrasse 4
8003 Zürich

Taj Palace

What is “authentic Indian”? A cuisine with a thousand flavours, mainly due to the many spices that are mixed or sometimes left alone. Flavours that go with everything, vegetables and meat, fish and rice. You can get your fill of red chillies, yellow saffron and green mint, and eat your fill of curry, coconut, chickpeas and yoghurt. Try it with us!

Welcome to the Taj Palace Zurich (founded in 1998) with its exclusive North Indian cuisine. In summer there is a beautiful garden seating area overlooking the River Limmat. We also cater for vegetarians and vegans. In addition to home delivery, take-away and party service, we also offer a selection of fine wines. We look forward to seeing you. NAMASKAR!

From now on our guests have the possibility to pay 50% of their meal with LEU.

Hönggerstrasse 25
8037 Zürich